Dairy free Peanut Butter Ice Cream topped with Sea Salted Caramel Cookie Chips

I’ve recently been on what you might call an “accidental” health kick. I know this sounds strange, but it can happen to anyone.

You know when you go to a grocery store and you see two of the same item, just one of them is healthier? Well, instead of going with what I know to be good, I’ve been picking the healthier version to see if I can taste a difference. From Almond Mozzarella Cheese to lactose-free vanilla coffee creamer, I’ve accidentally gone “dairy-free” and my digestion has never been better.

In the spirit of continuing this dairy-free capability, and to continue another notion I’ve recently picked up of only eating “real food” i.e. cut out all the processed food, this dairy free ice cream recipe speaks to me. And honestly, tastes better than the other stuff, I promise.

What You'll Need:

3-4 sliced frozen bananas

1/4 cup of organic almond butter

½ tsp of vanilla extract

In a food processor, add the frozen bananas, peanut butter and vanilla extract. Blend this until smooth and creamy. Take it back to the freezer for an hour.

That. Is. It. This amount is about two scoops for two people. Our four scoops for one person. Either option is fine.