Sunflower-Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate

This recipe was created as an expression of one of our favorite flavor combinations, chocolate and peanut butter. All this cozy hot chocolate and salted peanut butter cookie chip combination need is fireplace and cozy winter night to complete the vibe. 

David Trotta is a chef currently living in Jersey City. He is also the founder of Whealth and Co, a full service hospitality and events agency.

Sunflower-Coconut Milk, Hot Chocolate



2 cups of coconut milk

⅓ cup of sunflower seeds

½ cup of water

2 pitted dates

3 tbsp of cocoa

We like to add five tablespoons of cocoa powder (depending on how chocolate-y you want to go).



Combine all ingredients in a blender slowly move from low to high on your toggle and blend all the ingredients on high for two minutes until it’s one unified mixture. Garnish with "Peanut Butter with Sea Salt" or "Dark Chocolate Chip" Cookie Chips