Bet you didn’t know that HannahMax has been making some of the most delicious and highest-quality desserts for over 20 years! Since the 1990s—long before the broader food community recognized their benefits—HannahMax has been devoted to sourcing non-GMO ingredients. We hold our suppliers to strict standards to ensure that what goes into our products has not been genetically engineered, and there is no exception to this rule for what we put into our Cookie Chips.

Our Standards

If there is a bio-engineered ingredient, we don’t use it. So we’re clear, not all of our ingredients are organic. We use butter and eggs of the highest quality, but the cows and chickens that produce them may have consumed feed that contained GMOs. In most countries with mandatory GMO labeling, it is not a requirement to label milk as GMO when it comes from cows eating GMO feed. That’s also true for much state-level legislation around the country, and that is the position that HannahMax currently has adopted for its ingredients that come from animals.

Under these standards, neither our eggs nor our butter are genetically modified. 

Our eggs are sourced from the finest suppliers, and the ones we use for Crunchy Cookie Chips come from cage-free hens. Our butter is just as important as our eggs, and to ensure the excellence that we demand for our customers, we turned to one of the West Coast’s highest quality suppliers, with a creamery butter that has been unchanged for over 100 years. Our butter is made locally in California from cows that have never been treated with the growth hormone rbST.

This is our commitment to you. We endeavor to make delicious products of the highest quality, using the finest non-GMO ingredients. We test our products to ensure that they are—and will remain—free of genetically engineered ingredients. We support shifting food production away from using GMOs and advocate for greater transparency in the food industry, including mandatory GMO labeling.